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Year: 2019

Medium: Video

Flexible Dimension

Duration 4:00 min 

A World In Vertigo is videoed on site by drone in Brunel Museum, world's first underwater tunnel. In a prescient act of biomimesis – Brunel was inspired to construct the tunnel by the marine mollusc Teredo Novalis- commonly known as shipworm. It eats its way through the timbers of ships excreting the excavated wood out of its body to line and reinforce the tunnel behind them as it burrows forwards. A narrative of complexity between reality and fiction was created in response to a world that swarms with technological mediation.This video was first shown in the group exhibition in Brunel Museum.

I Am Waiting For the Day We Meet Again

Year: 2016  Duration: 01:55

Water taken from the river was sealed in the ball. Visually water inside the ball has reunited with the river, however, physically it could never touch its original environment.

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       X          A Man Decided to Hang Under the Rearview Mirror

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Year: 2019  160 * 122 * 80mm  Plastic, Sand, Glass, Line string, etc.