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Performance 60min

This is the first project I tried to involve in public space. It was located in a sculpture square inside the college with traditional statues and contemporary sculptures. I created a scene of 4 groups of statues (a standing figure, a sitting figure, a hugging couple and a fabric-covered figure) to symbolize different stages of life. The statues were actually living bodies covered with tinfoil who kept still , except for the fabric-covered figure which was empty inside the tinfoil shell to symbolize death. In this way, all figures went deindividuation. The whole project lasted for about an hour. At first, I just wanted to perform the scene. However, during the project passengers misunderstood the statues as solid sculptures considering the environment, the motionless and the texture. They became pretty surprised to find out that they were living humans when touching them. Their response inspired me to question the definition of sculpture and reconsider the boundary between sculpture and performance.

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